Home Swim Meet on Monday

    Dear Dolphins,

    Monday's meet is at our home pool: the Stafford Municipal City Pool on 1355 Constitution Ave. QVST will warm-up at 4:00pm, and visitors will warm up at 4:30. Please have your swimmer at their age group tent by 3:45pm to be marked and get ready for warm-ups

    There is plenty of parking at the pool, including several handicapped spaces. Make sure you have the applicable tags if you park in a handicapped stall, as the City of Stafford will ticket offenders.

    The Stafford pool complex is rather large, so both teams will be inside the perimeter of the fence. The Dolphins will be set up to the left of the entrance under a big oak tree. This is a 10 lane pool but we only use 6 lanes for dual meets. Visitors swim in the odd lanes and the Dolphins use the even lanes. 

    We will provide tents for the timers. Timers and stroke judges will be called for instructions from the meet director about 15 minutes before the start of the meet. Per SHRSL instruction, we will start the meet promptly at 5:00pm. We swap timers and stroke judges to a second shift beginning at event 30. Our starter has been doing this for several years and runs a very efficient meet. We are usually done by 9:00pm barring any unforeseen delays.

    We have a concession stand and will be selling Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, chips, candy, and drinks. Our After Meet Eats will be at Texas Biergarten on 6302 Hwy 6 Ste Q in Missouri City. Attached is a menu of the items they will have Monday night.

    Remember parents, the meet is not possible without volunteers! Be prepared to help out where needed. We look forward to a great meet and will see you at the pool.

    Paul Doty


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